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(14 Entries in total )

#14   BetheMailHomepage08.04.2009 - 20:11
Hey Linda - - You did an awesome job on the website. Im VERY proud of you. See what you can do when you set your mind to it. Im still gonna come see Jimmy one day, just dont know when yet. Luv ya - - Beth

#13   VirginiaeMailHomepage08.04.2009 - 11:35
Linda Lou,Very Nice page my friend and great looking guy you are romoting too .lol Huggs,Virginia

#12   CharleeeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 19:49
Linda this is FANTASTIC!!!
By the way I want that PERFECT-ENDING

#11   JohneMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 19:14
Wow Linda Lou. I am so impressed. Flash entry and all. Even I dont know how to do flash sets. Great looking site Linda Lou.
Hugs, John

#10   ORiON EeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 07:12
Hey Linda Lee,
Saw your post in Cocos group. Thought Id check out this page. nice! Check out my "space" sometime. TCB, ORiON E

#9   Norma BartoneMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 07:03
Handsome man! Wish I could hear a sample of him singing.
Youve done a great job with the site, Linda..
Hugs, Norma

#8   JosieeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 06:10
Great job you have done here Linda...
Congrats to you.

#7   SylviaeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 05:28
Linda, great job! I dont hear any music so dont know what he sounds like, but if you say hes good, it must be so. Thanks for sharing your new site.

#6   Anne DelepineeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 05:15
Great job Linda, I hope to hear your guy perform, I wished I lived closer. But if he ever is in my state in Northern CA, I will be there! Love Anne

#5   Sandi PichoneMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 05:13
Great job Linda Lou!!! I look forward to someday hearing Jimmy.

#4   LorettaeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 04:19
Great job !!!!!

#3   Richard DouceteMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 04:10
cool site linda. you have done a great job.

#2   JanieeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 04:04
Hey Linda Lou!
You Made It... You Did It!
Girl, Im so proud of you!
And I know Jimmy and Brenda are too...
Love It... You Go, Girl!
And, BTW, Get that Handsome Hunk down here! Love his singing too... WOW!
Love Ya,

#1   CharleeeMailHomepage07.04.2009 - 03:58
Girl this is a Fanstastic start!!
Thumbs up!
By the way I want that Perfect-ending shot of Jimmy!! LOL

(14 Entries in total )

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